Old Habits, New Environments

There was a time when I worked as a cleaner. It was a part time thing, a couple of early mornings a week cleaning floors.

In one section of vacuuming, I would reach the point where the vacuum cleaner needed to go over the power cord. It was a clunky and heavy vacuum cleaner, so, to save time and energy, I would lift the cord up and guide Henry (yes, the vacuum cleaner had a name) and myself underneath it. A genius move.

After a little while, we got a new ‘backpack’ vacuum cleaner, which was the best. You could wear it, go wherever you wanted and not worry about dragging a clunky and heavy Henry behind you.

When I reached that specific point where I need to go over the power cord, there was at least one time when I continued to lift the cord over my head so I could go underneath it, even though I no longer had Henry holding me back. Once I realised what I was doing I felt a bit stupid because all I need to do was step over the cord, not waste time and energy lifting it to walk underneath. I was using an old habit in a new environment. The old habit worked so well for me but now it was counterproductive and unnecessary.

Looking ahead to 2022, I can’t help but think about where else I may be doing the same thing. What are my habits that have worked well for me in the past that are now unnecessary and slowing me down? What can I stop doing?